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I. GCR Measures clinic quality for you

GCR does all the heavy lifting & measures clinics across 4 pillars of expertise, facilities, services & patient feedback and transforms this complexity into single GCR score.

GCR awards clinics with state-of-art medicine with GCR Accreditation so you can feel confident about your choice of premium clinic.

II. Find your clinic is as easy as picking hotel for your next vacation

With GCR quality score, you can compare clinics as easy when you are comparing hotels based on star ratings for your next vacation.

Search our GCR Clinic Rank by location and find the best clinic at home, while travelling or when seeking affordable medical care abroad to ensure you get the best treatment available

III. Call clinics easily to set up appointment or contact them

See 360 summary view of clinic reviews across Facebook, Yelp, GCR Reviews so you get full picture of clinic past patients expertiences

Easily call the clinic to set up appointment, or contact them via GCR to ask questions

How we rate clinics

We rate medical clinics in 4 different areas: expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback. This gives your a fact-based approach at comparing clinics fairly and quickly.

I. Expertise Score

GCR Expertise Score

The range and quality of medical expertise and experience that a clinic provides to it's patients.

II. Facilities Score

GCR Facilities Score

The range and quality of medical / non-medical facilities and technology that a clinic provides to it's patients.

III. Services Score

GCR Services Score

The range and quality of medical / non-medical procedures, services and amenities that a clinic provides it's patients.

IV. Feedback Score

GCR Feedback Score

The amount and quality of past patient treatment reviews available to the public on independent websites.

Patients & GCR

When traveling, I always look for the GCR symbol to ensure that I get the same VIP care as I would at home.

Mary, United Kingdom

The GCR index saved me hours of choosing the right dentist - you can't just go on reviews alone...

Pierre, Switzerland

How GCR helps clinics

Highly recommended by doctors

Primarily through word-of-mouth alone, the GCR is quickly becoming the world’s #1 standard for clinic ratings. Since it's launch in 2014, patients worldwide have been seeking out a clinics GCR Score before making any decision based on price or location alone. Just last month, another 50 clinics verified their information and have been allocated with a GCR Score.

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A medical certification you’ll love

As a team, we have been serving medical clinics and patients for 8 years, and with a daily view of what 200,000+ medical clinics are doing, you can depend on us to be here when you need us. No-one knows more about the state of the world's medical clinics than we do. We’re completely independent, and answer to clinic owners and no one else. Our job is to help your clinic be even better at what you do.

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More than 2000+ of the world's top clinics have been personally certified to international standards.

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Clinics & GCR

The GCR helped our clinic to receive more reviews than ever before.

Dr. Al Zafari, UAE

It's hard for our clinic to prove that we have better quality than some other clinics in UK. Thanks to the GCR, we're now able to prove it.

Dr. Jack, Edinburgh

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